Thursday, July 30, 2009


Grey grey
as in winter
or children
shouldering slowly across the grass
shuddering only

I don't want to know
how apt you are 
to forget
my face
in snow

I'm remembering your coat
braced for windfall
I recall
2am sighing long
in heated arms
co-haunting this bed

Your lady ghost
don't lose my shape
on the borders
of eyelids

Like children 
I've followed
halfway home

They'll remember it all

I'm here waiting
for arms

Call my name
I'll breathe with you soon
I better be there soon

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bodies the Stems

Breathing in the garden malady
I feel I've spoken too much
I shudder as this sun kills another
The flowers are frying
Now I'm feeling the garden
as just some regal clutter
We are feigning fruit-trees
like towers between dwellings
what comes before me and
the man I love is a hedge
the gardener planted in summer
with leaves that won't die
are not dying
Perhaps you find me sour
Uprooting and replanting
the corpses they're stems
I'm afraid of them growing
sharp shearing, the trimming

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ocean Rot

Pulling my clothes off
to head to the ocean
I'm tantalized by
these waters like
any woman
swim or drown
or dive for men
I'm not accustomed 
to heavy salt stains
on my skin when
all I asked for  was
to be carried
without complaint

I could cut you
with these starfish
I could sterilize
these scales
in oceans of formaldehyde
where skin won't
rot off bone where
I don't need to 
blink when I see 
you coming
Your fingerprints
are fused to me 
like shards of glass
or sand