Saturday, May 23, 2009


To Winnifred
who fell from four stories

I have not yet ventured
to inquire about
the status of your uncertain death

You are sprawled on the ground
and I can only interpret
this mishap as an extension
of my own body
prone to leaning much too far
out the window addressing
the altitude of what sort
of injury I could inflict
upon my body

I'll let you lay there
a little longer to contemplate
your leap before I muster
up the courage to reclaim you
and reclaim my title 
as your owner and caregiver

Do you want to be 'found'?
Or would you prefer to 
return to earth and leave
my meddling human hand
out of your perfectly 
decorative existence?

I can only speculate
and read too much
into my poor
suicide plant

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