Friday, May 29, 2009

River Vs.

I am not in the river
I have become the river

Your country is dry
I've never known so many bones
your trees and your homes
too much skin
I am showing
I feel like breaking
a moment after cracking

My rivers
we flow in perpetual transience
and if we branch off in a
million directions to head
home to the ocean
the ocean, the origin
then we know we're alive, right?

I've never not known
the difference between
the living and the dead

Your days turn prematurely to ash
you're afraid of the fires
I've spent my whole life
building fires and breathing
in water
My whole life never considering
my days built on bone
my fluidity, temporary
my origin, illusory

In your arid expanse
in your heat
in your bones

I bring the rivers
I am surrounded by the 
waters of my birth

Water in which I 
cannot guarantee life
I've never felt it so dead

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